Winter 2013-14 Results

 10/26/13   Oil CityIndividual Results
Relay Results

 11/1/13 Corry   
 11/16/13Jamestown Individual Results
Relay Results
 11/23/13     Meadville Individual Results
Relay Results
Week 4 League Results 
 11/30/13 Oil City InvitationalIndividual Results   
 12/7/13Warren Individual Results
Relay Results 
 Week 5 League Results 
12/14/13 BradfordPostponed to 1/26/14 Week 6 League Results  
1/4/13  Eastside Invitational Individual Results
Relay Results
 Results by Age Group
Results by Gender
1/11/14TitusvilleIndividual Results
Relay Results 
Week 7 League Results  
 1/18/4Franklin Individual Results
Relay Results 
Week 8 League Results  
 1/26/14 BradfordCancelled  
2/1/14EastsideIndividual Results
Relay Results  
Week 9 League Results  
2/8/14 Franklin Invitational  Individual Results  
2/9/14 Pentathlon Individual Results   
2/16/14 YSU Neptune InvitationalIndividual Results
Relay Results

 2/23/14League Championships Individual Results
Relay Results  
 3/1/14 "B" ChampsIndividual Results   
 3/7/14 - 3/9/14West Districts Individual Results
Relay Results
 3/21/14 to 3/23/14States Results